ActionBar.OnActionBarListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a user is interacting with an ActionBar
AsyncImageView.OnImageViewLoadListener Clients may listen to AsyncImageView changes using a AsyncImageView.OnImageViewLoadListener
PageIndicator.DotType Interface containing of dot types supported by the PageIndicator class. 
PagedView.OnPagedViewChangeListener Clients may listen to changes occurring on a PagedView via this interface. 
QuickActionWidget.OnQuickActionClickListener Interface that may be used to listen to clicks on quick actions. 
SegmentedBar.OnSegmentChangeListener Clients may use this listener to be notified of any changes that occurs on the SegmentBar 


ActionBarItem Base class representing an ActionBarItem used in ActionBars. 

A AsyncImageView is a network-aware ImageView. 


A ListAdapter that acts like an ArrayAdapter. 

LoaderActionBarItem An extension of a NormalActionBarItem that supports a loading states. 
NormalActionBarItem Default implementation of an ActionBarItem

Visual indicator of a paged content. 


The base implementation of an Adapter to use with a PagedView


A View that shows items in a "paged" manner. 

QuickAction A QuickAction implements an item in a QuickActionWidget
QuickActionBar A QuickActionBar displays a set of QuickAction on a single row. 
QuickActionGrid A QuickActionGrid is an implementation of a QuickActionWidget that displays QuickActions in a grid manner. 
QuickActionWidget Abstraction of a QuickAction wrapper. 
SegmentedAdapter A SegmentedAdapter is a data source of a SegmentedHost/SegmentedHost. 
SegmentedBar A SegmentedBar displays a set of Buttons. 
SegmentedHost A SegmentedHost is a wrapper view that handle a SegmentedBar and a FrameLayout that hold the content. 


ActionBar.Type The Type specifies the layout of the ActionBar. 
ActionBarItem.Type The Type specifies a large set of pre-defined ActionBarItems that may be added to an ActionBar