public class


extends QuickActionWidget
   ↳ android.widget.PopupWindow
     ↳ greendroid.widget.QuickActionWidget
       ↳ greendroid.widget.QuickActionGrid

Class Overview

A QuickActionGrid is an implementation of a QuickActionWidget that displays QuickActions in a grid manner. This is usually used to create a shortcut to jump between different type of information on screen.


Inherited Constants
From class android.widget.PopupWindow
Public Constructors
QuickActionGrid(Context context)
Protected Methods
void onMeasureAndLayout(Rect anchorRect, View contentView)
void populateQuickActions(List<QuickAction> quickActions)
Inherited Methods
From class greendroid.widget.QuickActionWidget
From class android.widget.PopupWindow
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public QuickActionGrid (Context context)

Protected Methods

protected void onMeasureAndLayout (Rect anchorRect, View contentView)

protected void populateQuickActions (List<QuickAction> quickActions)