DescriptionItem A description item displays a text on several lines. 
DrawableItem A DrawableItem displays a single Drawable on the left of the itemview and a description text on the right. 
Item Base class for all items used in GreenDroid. 
LongTextItem A LongTextItem is very similar to a regular TextItem
ProgressItem Progress indicator that displays a centered text with a circular and indeterminate ProgressBar when something is in progress. 
SeparatorItem Act as a separator between important ListView sections. 

A SubtextItem is really similar to a SubtitleItem as it displays two pieces of text. 

SubtitleItem An Item that contains two Strings : a text and a subtitle. 
TextItem A TextItem is a very basic item that only contains a single text. 

A ThumbnailItem item is a complex item that wraps a Drawable and two Strings: a title and a subtitle.